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Yes, people still read…

Despite all the easy distractions available to us today, there is no doubt that people still love reading. Books can teach us about the world, they improve our writing skills and...

Jordan: Why your writing voice matters

Writing a book is usually a long process. Even though I have always enjoyed writing, it took me over four years to write Forgiveness and Violets. I first started to write poems and daily observations early in...

Veronika: How Adversity Can Lead To Success

I'm pleased that you agreed to discuss your life experience, challenges, and achievements with me. You just received the IAB Accountant of the Year 2020 award. Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! We both...

Forgiveness and Violets: 52 short stories

Apaches in a Two-Bedroom Flat, Faith and 50 more!“Looking back, I see how modestly we lived. I enjoy remembering innocent and positive moments from my early childhood. There is something special about...

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