Apaches in a Two-Bedroom Flat, Faith and 50 more!

“Looking back, I see how modestly we lived. I enjoy remembering innocent and positive moments from my early childhood. There is something special about children, who are free to let their imagination run wild.”

(story: Apaches in a Two-Bedroom Flat)

“In 1989, I stood on the street, protesting against the totalitarian regime. I jingled my mother’s keys, and hoped for a better life.”

(story: Faith)

“It’s interesting how life changes. In the past we had difficulties getting the simplest of things – things that are now all too easy to find, and all too easy to take for granted.”

(story: Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting)

“Surrounded by beautiful nature, I felt entranced by the view of the sea and its glittery waters. I could not get enough of that feeling of peace washing over me.”

(story: Life Without a Mobile)

“Sometimes we do things that we don’t want to do, in order to do things we want to do. The real problem comes when we being to act against our conscience and our values. If you compromise too much, and too often, you’ll only end up unhappy.”

(story: The Spartakiad and Other Collective Nonsense)

“I can imagine that everyone who has learnt a foreign language will be able to recall at least one humorously awkward situation or social faux pas. It’s part of the overall experience, after all.”

(story: Do You Speak English?)

Every person has the right to feel hurt or disappointed, and in small doses, this is a natural human emotion, but nurturing negative feelings can only cause more and more pain. We can easily become stuck playing the blame game, accusing each other for as long as we live, wasting our lives in the process. Or, we can improve our lives, through forgiveness. The choice is ours to make.”

(story: Blame Games)


As a lover of the written word, Eva started to write diaries and poems early in life, and short stories after she moved to London.
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